Dr. Kimberly Christen, Co-Director of the CDSC, Director of the Digital Technology and Culture program, provides strategic planning and oversight for the Center, directs the Mukurtu and SHN project, and facilitates graduate training and community workshops.


Trevor James Bond, Co-Director, CDSC, Associate Dean for Digital Initiatives and Special Collections, provides strategic planning and oversight for the Center, oversees library digitization efforts, and supervises library faculty and staff.


Beth Blakesley, Associate Dean of Libraries; Associate Director of CDSC, provides administrative leadership for the center and collaborates on grant proposals.


Alex Merrill, Director of Technology, CDSC, Head of Systems and Technical Operations, manages the technical platform of the Plateau Peoples' Web Portal and has responsibilities ranging from traditional IT management to digital preservation, curation and discovery.


Lotus Norton-Wisla, Tribal Digital Archives Curriculum Coordinator, supports curriculum development, community training, and digitization project management.


Steve Bingo, Project Archivist at Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections, does processing, digitization, and creates content for the SHN website, provides support for other SHN members, and performs outreach to grow the network.


Michael Wynne, Digital Applications Librarian, provides support for Mukurtu users, community workshops and training, and digitization and digital curation workflows.


Maria Montenegro, Sustainable Heritage Network Assistant, creates educational resources for the SHN, performs outreach to grow the program’s network and plans for SHN workshops.


Talea Anderson, Scholarly Communication Librarian, provides support to members of the WSU community who wish to increase the visibility of their scholarly work via Research Exchange (WSU's institutional repository), open access publishing, or tools that facilitate wider public access to university expertise.


Dr. David Squires, Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Humanities, English department, provides support for outreach and public programming at the CDSC.


Steve Taylor, Information Technology Specialist, software developer for Mukurtu, technical support and development for the Research Exchange (WSU's institutional repository) and other open access publishing tools and systems.

Graduate Assistants

Lucy Johnson, PhD student in the English department.

Jason Chung, PhD student in the Anthropology department.

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